An Interesting 24 Hours!

19 Nov

Our Tuesday morning ladies’ Bible study got together to thank and honor Kim, who every Tuesday hosts the study in her home. Unfortunately, outdoor weddings and garden parties both depend on beautiful weather—which didn’t arrive yesterday. It rained all night and all day, but we were all smiles and decked out in our finest with hiking boots/sandals or tennis shoes and decorated bonnets! The rain couldn’t spoil our fun as we sang, laughed, shared and cried. We are so fortunate to have one another as we are Christian women from different countries and cultures, residing as expatriates in Costa Rica.

The GPS drained my battery so my car wouldn’t start after the fiesta, but some kind friends helped jumpstart it and then the same GPS didn’t comprehend that many Costa Rica roads are one-way(and not the way I was headed) so it took quite some time to get home—needless to say, I crossed bridges with our van that I may not have jogged over! Wish I had a photo of those!

Around midnight we were awakened by an earthquake (6.1) as our bed moved to and fro! All is well, but I think I’ll take ordinary for the next couple of days!

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