Prayer for a thief

26 Oct

The airplane was small….too small for our carry-on luggage.  So at the check-in counter we had to hand over our baggage.  I still carried my backpack, but had forgotten my headphones and iPod were in the suitcase.  Flying an old Russian prop-plane was an interesting experience.  No overhead lights, no air vents, and seats made for much smaller people.  When we arrived at our lodgings in Camaguey and I opened my suitcase I found it had been completely riffled through.  My headphones case was open and my iPod was gone.  Not the first time I’ve had things stolen from me and probably not the last, but what a disappointment! 

So here is my prayer and I’d like to ask others to pray with me.  I’m praying that the thief, or the person who buys the iPod from the thief,will listen to the sermons on the iPod, receive Christ, and write me (my business card is taped to the case).  Can you imagine the email?  “Dear Brian, I am the one who stole your iPod and I wanted to write you to say that the Gospel touched my heart and I am now a new brother in Christ.”  Now THAT would make losing an iPod a great privilege!

2 Responses to “Prayer for a thief”

  1. The Byrd's Nest October 29, 2008 at 8:18 pm #

    What a positive way to think about this bad situation! What an inspiration! I will be praying that they listen with their hearts and minds open wide!

  2. Keith November 29, 2008 at 1:18 pm #

    Can you imagine how unlucky he felt- “Got this great iPod, and all it has on it is sermons…”the prayers continue…

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