In-transit from a challenging Carribean island

24 Oct
I’m back in Costa Rica for a few hours and am heading to Lima Peru shortly.  Our trip to the lonely island was very successful although we were all worn out by the third day there.  What a beautiful place and wonderful opportunities to do ministry.  The people are afraid and speak on certain subjects unless they are sure there is no one who can overhear.  Yet even in their homes they speak about these things in a very quiet voice.  It is hard to comprehend what it does to a people who have spent the last half-century under a cloud of fear.  Suspicious, fearful, yet friendly once they get to know you somewhat.  In many ways, the island is like much of Latin America in its lifestyle, housing, food and environment.  Yet the lack of freedoms changes even the landscape.  What a privilege to see what God is doing in a place even angels fear to tread.   New doors were opened for some exciting partnership opportunities.  Do pray for that.
Interesting note:  I did post from an Internet cafe during our trip and it did not make it to the site.  It’ll be interesting how long it takes to make it through the “oversight” and to the site.  If at all.  No wonder the churches there haven’t been able to get Bibles for the last two years.

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