Happy 25th Reunion Class of ’83

4 Oct
Although I am sad that I am not physically present in Wheaton this weekend, I want to wish my husband and all of my friends well on their 25th reunion. I am grateful for the role the faculty and institution played in our spiritual growth, our commitment to Christ, in our marriage and in the lives of our beautiful children. Classmates are scattered all over the globe and are walking testimonies to Christ.  We will pray for you and your families as Christ continues to write His story! We have a PO box here in Costa Rica that is just as lonely as your CPO box was when you checked it several times daily while at Wheaton!  Emails are wonderful, but notes of encouragement are nice too! Please keep in touch!

One Response to “Happy 25th Reunion Class of ’83”

  1. The Byrd's Nest October 5, 2008 at 12:52 pm #

    Hi! I found your blog off of Jessica Pham’s blog. We are in the IMB process and should be appointed in March and off to Costa Rica for language school in July or August of 2009. What a beautiful family you have and I will be praying for your ministry.

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