Auto accidents…the fun that never ends

1 Oct

We’ve had two car accidents in the year that we’ve lived here. That may sound pretty bad, but we haven’t had a car accident in the previous ten years, so it’s not our poor driving skill. It’s the fact that Costa Rica has one of the highest accident rates in Latin America, and of course, the highest insurance rates. In our first accident a drunk driver hit us head-on. In the USA that sounds deadly. Here, where the road conditions require significantly lower speeds, it’s mostly a big irritation. We still haven’t seen that one conclude.

But tomorrow we’re off to our insurance agent to pay the deductible for an accident Cathi had a few months ago. She felt she was in the right, but the judicial system was such that accepting fault was the most expeditious means of closing this problem out. You see, until it’s all cleared there is a lien placed on the cars involved in the accident, meaning neither party can sell their car until it’s resolved. And the other party miraculously produced witnesses that swear she was right. Never mind that there were no witnesses at the scene. So this is one part of living in another country that we don’t particularly enjoy. On the other hand, we do have good insurance and there is light at the end of this tunnel. And no one was hurt. And our car was fine. I do miss my Suburban though!

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