A year already…

26 Sep

As we sit to write this prayer letter, we remember God’s provision, protection and grace as we have served as missionaries in Costa Rica for one year. It has been a year of new experiences, cultural adaptation, new friendships, goodbyes, frustrations, joys and sorrows, and through it all God has been faithful. All of us have grown increasingly dependent on God and one another, and know that God is continuing to mold and shape us into the useful vessels He needs to accomplish His purposes here on earth. Our home is a sanctuary not only for our family, but for guests and language students new to Costa Rica.

We have learned more than some Spanish during this first year. Navigating city streets without names or numbers, weathering tropical downpours, avoiding huge potholes and other drivers have given new meaning to defensive driving and the necessity for insurance and patience.

Our outward appearance still reflects our North American upbringing but our hearts, minds, and tongues have been touched by the Tico culture in which we live. Living here still takes longer, but we enjoy simple pleasures that often go unnoticed in a fast-paced, hurried lifestyle. A shared cup of coffee, time with a neighbor, chatting with a storekeeper, impromptu invitations, and being in the moment are more commonplace. High food prices, the lack of American convenience foods and a limited budget have spurred creative approaches to mealtime— often inspired by Rachael Ray or a Dream Dinners cookbook, but with a few substitutions!

One Response to “A year already…”

  1. Trudy Ann September 27, 2008 at 12:30 am #

    Hi Cathi;I pray for you and your family and for your opportunities to minister to women’s and children’s health. I fondly remember San Jose in spite of the four commercial planes it took to get the group of twelve from Lima to San Jose and the misplacement of my luggage until we arrived in Tegucigalpa.May our Lord and Saviour continue to lead and protect you and your family.Trudy Ann Dayton

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