Thursday – Day 3 post-Gustav

5 Sep

Doors continue to open.  We concentrated in one neighborhood and by the afternoon everyone knew who the people in the green shirts were and why we’re here.  We had a wonderful shrimp spaghetti made by Bo who has invited us back for his very special “very best in Houma” jambalaya.  Mark and I were scouting areas that we heard had needs and saw a woman trying to carry her suitcases through the broken trees to her house.  She had just arrived back from evacuating and was overwhelmed by the damage and her responsibility for a very elderly father.  God brought us at just the right time to encourage and help her with the promise of a team to come clear and repair. 


Crisis Response can be fun and exciting, but the purpose is not the work itself, it’s the connections made as we show the hands of Christ through holistic ministry.   Tomorrow will be spent repairing equipment, sharpening saws and resting while the rest of us work on the plan for extending this type of ministry to have even more effective response both in the USA and around the world.


Do pray that our time tomorrow will be filled with good ideas and plans that will take this ministry to a new level.

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