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The night before…

18 Sep

We’re confident in the plan, place and team that is preparing to perform my mom’s heart adventure. More than that, we are confident in God’s goodness and faithfulness. Early tomorrow morning the team will begin a three phase bathing program that will turn her into the cleanest person in the region. She will be taken to the OR prep area at 7:00 AM Eastern to begin the various tasks that will have her ready for the gifted hands of the surgical team. Surgery will begin at 8:30 and last four to five hours.

Thanks for praying during this time. I will update as things progress.

Monday evening update

17 Sep

God continued to give my mom a smooth transition to her home for the next week or so. She is in the cardiac unit in room D598 and has gotten terrific attention from the clinicians and staff. We were able to work out an agreement to give her an uninterrupted night’s sleep which will help tremendously.

Tomorrow will be a day of hydration to get her kidneys back to their best before surgery around 8:30 AM on Wednesday. She’s encouraged and comfortable but eager to get this valve replaced so she can return to the activity level she typically maintains. At this point she gets out of breath just walking five feet. This surgery is more than welcome!

Marian/Merrimom backstory

16 Sep

I will be posting regular updates on my mom here as I’m able.

Backstory – she’s had narrowing of a valve in her heart that recently hasn’t severely limited her ability to be active. For those who know her, that is not acceptable. She had a heart catheterization last week to clear her for surgery. An unfortunate complication led to days in the hospital and worsening of her symptoms. However we were able to get her home for a night’s rest and she will be admitted to Novant Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte today. She will get a couple of days of hydration in anticipation of a Wednesday or Thursday surgery. If all goes well she will be in the hospital 5-7 days post-surgery then continue cardiac rehabilitation from home.

My brother Glenn and I are working out details on who will be with her and when during this process. For now it looks like I will be here for the next couple of weeks but as rapidly as things can change, those plans are subject to change.

Contacts: I will be posting latest updates here so this is the best way to keep up on how she is doing. Jill Archer will be coordinating food needs. She can be reached at 614-563-5124.

I can be reached by email: Brian.Duggan at or 704.989.9192. As you might imagine, I may be tied up so that I won’t be able to respond immediately.

Thanks for caring for and praying for her.