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Latin America area conference

17 Jan

This past Wednesday we began our every-three-years area conference.  We have all our missionaries from throughout Latin America with their families here in Costa Rica down on the Pacific side of the country.  Do pray for us during this time of learning, encouragement and refreshing. 

Part of the learning will be on blogs, so I will be using this space to demonstrate some blog principles.  If some strange things appear on here, no worries, it’s just the demonstration and I’ll be editing it later. 

Thanks for following with us!

Earthquake update

10 Jan

We just arrived back home in Tres Rios and found the house all safe and sound, no cracks that we can see (although we’ll need to inspect during daylight).  We are very grateful that there was no injury among our missionaries or Costa Rican brothers and sisters.  The area most affected is near Poas volcano and La Paz Waterfall Gardens, both places that we take people when they visit.  Currently there are 300 tourists stuck up there since all the roads were wiped out.  Costa Rica is a volcanic land…there are 250 volcanoes here with five of them active.  Small earthquakes are quite normal, but yesterday’s was a big one and there have been over 2,000 aftershocks since then. 

Image 8 Jan


While Cathi takes a nap

8 Jan


Anna tries to open a coconut

8 Jan

Urgent prayer needed

5 Jan

Please pray for our mission executive director who is in the ICU in Bangkok.  To keep up with what is going on, visit

Pray fervently….URGENT!

4 Jan

Our Executive Director, TJ, was attending meetings in Bangkok and is hospitalized. His condition has deteriorated rapidly, one of his sons is with him, although that has been difficult to make decisions for an ill parent.

Sincere thank yous!