What does it take to minister to over 1,000 patients in 4 ½ days?

18 Feb

An example of partnership that ReachGlobal facilitates across the globe, excerpted from a recent newsletter by Omar Rodriguez (Omar.Rodriguez@EFCA.org), area leader for partnerships in the Latin America/Caribbean region. 


People. A good number of people as you might expect. But, lots of people are not necessarily the key either. Instead, what you dream of are people who are joyful, troubleshooters, willing to work out of their comfort zones, focused, those who understand what their job is and who know how to work with others toward the highest goal. It’s a pretty cool experience when that happens and I am always surprised how quickly a team can come together when you have those kinds of people around.

Observe. Don’t presume to knowUntitled2 who is across the table from you or what their need might be. Ask. Listen. Observe. In a way that demonstrates that the person whom you are serving is being treated like one who is made in the image of God.

Movement. When there are a lot of people to serve, you have got to move. Not in a chaotic fashion but with a proactive, coordinated and meaningful response to the patient and the situation at hand. Everyone has a role. Everyone is communicating. Everyone is attentive and active. Everyone seeking one thing, to serve the person in front of you with excellence.

Untitled3It’s a beautiful picture of how the church can be used by Christ to serve those in need. Not only their physcialneeds, but also spiritually. Every person that was seen, also had the opportunity to hear the Gospel, to be counseled if they so desired and to be prayed for. Our prayer is that many would be healed from all of their infirmities by the Great Physician and that they would experience the fullness of life that only Christ can bring. Would you pray toward that end with us?

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