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Video of our life in Latin America

10 Apr

Dead duck

3 Apr

Have you ever had duck for dinner? Ever seen it in all its glory before eating? This duck s sliced and rolled in a soft wrap with a wonderful sauce and served with amazing panache at dinner. Maybe I won’t post the jellyfish that accompanied it.

Soaked in Bangkok

2 Apr

Guess what? It rains in Bangkok! After a very nice Thai dinner with my wife and our colleagues under the stars and trees, a few drops started coming down. Then a few more. Then the bottom dropped out. The walk back to our hotel turned out to be a shower before bed. There’s nothing like walking into a nice hotel dripping all over their marble floor. Thais are by nature and culture very polite and smile all the time. This was no exception, but I wonder what they were thinking as we walked in. Probably the Thai equivalent of “Crazy Gringos!”

Tomorrow we begin our 40 hour journey home. This time however, we will have 12 hours in Dallas where a friend has graciously offered to pick us up and let us recover at his home before returning us to the airport. That should at least give us a chance to arrive back in Costa Rica with some rest under our belts.

It has been a productive week, but we’re ready to see the family again!

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